Our Vision

Mission Statement:

We believe that every child diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness should be given repeated opportunities to experience positive childhood experiences; this is why our mission statement's aim is - 'Free to be you'.

CQ Aims

We will achieve our mission statement through projects, and initiatives, that will help children with a potentially life limiting illness throughout the UK. They will be delivered at local, regional and national level, through different platforms that are relevant to that specific generation.

CQ values

Everything that Camp Quality UK does (projects, activities, public written and spoken word) and will be:

  • Positive
  • Fun
  • Inspiring

This will be the 'checklist' before any communication, or event, takes place involving families with children with a potentially life-threatening illness .

Camp Quality UK ethos

Camp Quality UK was set up over 25 years ago, and today we remain 100% focussed to achieving our mission statement. If there is anything we've learnt from being around children with a potentially life limiting illness, it's never give up.

All of these children are subject to long-term hospital stays, unpleasant medication and examinations, as well as spending most of their childhood surrounded by medical professionals. To anybody, it's an amazingly tall order to remain positive through all of this, especially if you're only 7 years old.

When a child is diagnosed with an illness, we cannot always improve the quantity of that child's life, but we can try to improve the 'quality' of their life.

The quality of a child's life is not measured by material goods but by being able to inspire each other, grow in confidence, dream dreams, gain lasting positive memories to always look back on, and lets face it…have fun, laugh and make friends!

Camp Quality UK is determined to giving children with a potentially life limiting illness these experiences. We will never give up encouraging them to realise their full childhood potential.

In 2008 we committed to extending this experience to children potentially life-limiting illness that have an impact on their daily lives.