In 1983, an English-born woman called Vera Entwistle, arrived in Australia and soon set up a support programme for children with cancer and their families.

A doctor gave Vera the idea for a name, when he told her that "No-one can do anything about the quantity of anyone's life, but all of us can do something about the quality."

From this, Camp Quality was born and is now operating in every state and territory throughout Australia. This model has since spread to Canada, USA, Hong Kong and the UK.

Our first holiday in the United Kingdom was in 1986. Now we go away a few times a year catering for around 15-25 children on each holiday.

Today, we are looking ahead with great excitement and determination. During the next five years, we aim to give more children the opportunity of building their confidence, self-esteem and the chance to tackle brand new challenges.

None of this would be possible without the vision and passion of someone like Vera Entwistle. That same passion can be seen today in all of the directors and volunteers involved at Camp Quality.

Recently we have expanded beyond taking just children with cancer away on these holidays but accepting any child that as a potentially life limiting illness to experience what Camp Quality UK has got to offer.